Space Maintainers in Los Angeles

Space maintainers

When baby teeth, especially baby molars are prematurely extracted due to infections, gross cavities or/and cracked beyond repair, prosthetic known as space maintainers are recommended to preserve the space for the permanent tooth eruption. There are two types, bilateral space maintainer and unilateral space maintainer. Bilateral space maintainer is used when multiple teeth on both side of the mouth (right and left) are missing. It must have two permanent back molars to have this prosthesis. It is done by taking an impression and sending it out to the lab. A lot of times, it’s very uncomfortable for your child since your child can feel it with a tongue. Unilateral space maintainer (band and loop) is used when single tooth is extracted on one or more arches. However, unilateral or bilateral space maintainer can only be done in certain circumstances, so it is very important to ask your doctor if you child can do it.